The Industry Standard in Die-Cuts, Adhesives, Protective Films, and Custom Converting.

From Humble Beginnings

Started in a garage in 1946, Jacobsen Industries has grown into a multi-million dollar organization that manages to keep a small shop attitude. We have run parts for all of the Big 3, Dell Computer, Fleet Medical, and too many others to name. Nothing is too big and nothing is too small. From prototypes to volumes of 30,000,000 pieces a year, we make it happen.

We understand that we are here because of the quick, personalized service we offer our customers and the day that we forget that will be the day that we close the doors.

Frank Jacobsen, Founder

Frank Jacobsen- Founder 
July 1970

Products and Services

Turning Your Specifications into Reality

Protective Films

 Whether it’s a painted surface, a wooden door, a new car, or an appliance, with our wide variety of Protective Films, we can help you find a solution.

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Die Cuts

Die-cutting is the process of creating a custom shape using a tool. Parts can be converted from foams, films, adhesives, plastics, metals, rubbers, and numerous other materials.

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Steel Rule Dies

Steel Rule Dies are used in die cutting a range of sheet and roll materials including paper, plastic, cardboard, rubber, foam and numerous others.

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Adhesives & Tapes

In many situations, adhesives are taking the place of traditional bonding methods. We can even offer adhesives that can be die-cut and are so strong that they can take the place of a weld.

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Rubber Bumpers

Jacobsen Industries supplies Rubber Bumpers to the Automotive Industry by the millions. We share our buying power with all of our customers both big and small.

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Rapid Prototyping

Jacobsen Industries’ in-house tooling capabilities and vast inventory of materials allow us to help you with an initial design or emergency need in two or three days.

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Packaging is more than ever a critical factor for brand strategy.  At Jacobsen, we excel in packaging design, retail packaging and shipping platforms.

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Professional Services

For 70 years, our Jacobsen brand has been our reputation. Our Professional Services team will work with you to realize top efficiencies in packaging, product application, and workflow analysis.

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Industries We Supply

From Pharmaceuticals to Fishing Lures – We’ve Done It All


industry automotive

Jacobsen Industries is a premier automotive supplier. We supply directly to the OEMs and the tiers. We make daily shipments to plants all over the country, supplying everything from 3M Acrylic Foam Tapes, to rubber bumpers and protective film.


industry military

We proudly supply and support the military, shipping millions of die-cuts to them for use in a wide variety of applications.


industry graphics

Our ties to the Graphics Industry run deep. We offer specialty lamination and die-cutting services with extremely quick turnarounds along with the polished appearance that this industry requires.


industry appliance

We work with a number of companies that produce components for the appliance industry. Our products are used in both the assembly and/or the protection of the finished products.


industry technology

As the world moves towards cleaner energy sources, we are here to help. Jacobsen Industries is currently supplying, and working on, numerous green projects. Our parts are in batteries for hybrid cars, solar panels, and even laptop computers.


Industry PharmaMedical

Jacobsen has just started to supply this industry and the future is looking very bright.

Many More

industry misc

From Outdoor Power Equipment to Fishing Lures, we are out there. Jacobsen Industries converted products are used throughout the world.

From Prototype to Product

Meet the Most Responsive Conversion Company in the Country

Partners and Suppliers

The Best Materials from the Best Suppliers for the Best End Products

We have relationships with so many great suppliers that we couldn’t possibly name them all. 3M, SG Polymask, Avery, W.T. Burnett, Saint Gobain, and Gaska Tape are just a few of our valued suppliers. We buy direct from the plastic extruder, the foam manufacturer, the tape coater, the protective film manufacturer, and many more; hence our buying power is strong and we eliminate the middle-man.