Humble Beginnings

Jacobsen Industries started in 1946 as Jacobson Steel Rule Dies.

Nearly 70 years ago, after serving in World War II, Frank Jacobson, our founder, started Jacobsen Steel Rule Dies. Today, we still continue to manufacture steel rule dies. Now, however, we ship all over the country and utilize the latest advancements in accuracy and quality.

Over the course of the years, the shop grew from a small one man shop to what it is today, a multi-faceted converter working in nearly 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Yes, we’ve come a long way from the old flower shop that Frank and his son Lee used to work out of.

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Our Success Formula

Success in business is dependent on several factors, among them, a mix of product, planning, a little luck, and, above all, people. People who can work together as a harmonious unit. A family that truly cares about what they do.

Frank Jacobson, our founder, would not recognize much of the product we produce today. However, he would still feel at home in the tooling department and certainly appreciate the friendly and quick service that he established many years ago.

The customer must be satisfied at whatever cost.

These are the values and high standards that he held and has passed on to us.

Today, Lee Jacobsen, Karen Jacobsen, Tom Chaney, and the rest of the Jacobsen team, work hard to make sure we never lose those values, no matter how big we get.

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Mission Statement

To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.Jacobsen Industries was formed in 1946 with one goal in mind, to please our customers. That goal remains our number one priority, and always will, no matter how large we grow.

Quality is more than a “word” at Jacobsen Industries – it’s a way of life. It truly is a constant in everything that we do.






Quality Control has been a part of our lives since 1972, when Lee Jacobsen wrote the first Quality Control Manual and submitted it to Chrysler Corporation as a part of their “self-certified” initiative. Today we supply all carmakers-both domestic and foreign, now under the banner of ISO 9001:2008.

The automotive industry runs with very strict quality requirements, so we know the rules. Our Military and Pharmaceutical customers run with even tighter tolerances and standards. So, you can rest assured that we can meet your requirements, whether you are looking for a die-cut piece of tape or a rubber mudflap.

We want to be your converter. We want to make the parts that you need, with the quality requirements that you insist on, for the price that you want to pay. It is that simple.

Our Team

Lee Jacobsen

Lee Jacobsen


Lee Jacobsen is Jacobsen Industries. Following in his father’s footsteps, Lee saw beyond the manufacturing of Steel Rule Dies and brought converting to the company. He gambled everything he had to buy our first press, which is still in use today. Lee’s entrepreneurial spirit is the model for our entire sales team. We work hard to find a solution for you, our customers.

Mr. Jacobsen is still an integral part of the company, offering his services to those tough projects that need that outside the box thinking that he is famous for.

Tom Chaney

Tom Chaney

General Manager

Tom Chaney has been a part of Jacobsen Industries for more than 23 years.

Tom has successfully brought us into the digital age, having started prior to the days of cell phones, computer networks and websites.

A native of Southeastern Michigan Tom began his career at Jacobsen Industries in 1994 as the Production Manager. He was moved to Sales Manager 6 years later and promoted to General Manager in 2006. Tom has been an instrumental part of our growth and continues to forge the future of the company with new sales alliances and continued growth into many new industries.

Bill Zagon

Bill Zagon

Sales Manager

Mr. Zagon has been with Jacobsen Industries since 2003. He was promoted to the position of Sales Manager in January of 2010. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University.

Bill manages the day to day sales operations, coordinating with both inside and outside sales staff.


Jacobsen forms a partnership with their suppliers and their customers. With that partnership comes a trust that is well earned, and that is what makes them so successful. They have excellent converting equipment and capabilities and are adding to those every year. There’s not many converting opportunities that come their way that they’ll pass on. They truly have the “We can do that” mentality that is shared with us at Surface Guard.

Dean SimmonsVice President, Surface Guard

Jacobsen Industries has a very professional, knowledgeable team. We have been doing business with them for several years. Whether it is a small project, large project, or design and development, they are always eager to help….and deliver parts when we need them!

Phil GrucciPresident & CEO, Pyrotechnique by Grucci Inc
Executive VP, Fireworks by Grucci Inc

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